PAYING CASH FOR VINYL RECORD COLLECTIONS. Albums, LP's, 45's, 78's and vintage audio equipment. We are professional collectors with years of experience and knowledge.  We are not biased towards any genre of records and are interested in all types of music.

Why Should we sell our records to you?

We have been in business selling records online for over two decades. We know rare records. There are not many records we have not seen or do not know of. We can properly evaluate collections of all sizes and calibers.

Paying top dollar for your record collections.

Call 480-626-2436


What types of records do you buy?

We buy all genres. The most important thing to us is condition. We are not able to buy any records that are badly scratched or that have bugs or mold.

What will you pay for my records?

That is a complex question. It will be based off of many factors, genre of music, original or re-issue pressings, special pressings, country of manufacture and most importantly CONDITION. The best thing to do is schedule an appoint. Using 75+ years of buying collecting expertise we will evaluate your records and make a fair cash offer. Call to schedule an appointment now. (480)-626-2436.

If you have a small collection of just a couple boxes or 100 records just come by during business hours!

What are your hours, so I can come buy records from your retail store?

Business Hours
Mon 9-6
Tue 9-6
Wed 9-6
Thur 9-6
Fri 9-6
Sat 9-4
Sun 10-4

We are also open 24-7 Online.....

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